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This 11-lot subdivision was originally surveyed in 1913 as an extension of the old Headquarters Townsite that was dismantled in the late 1950s (now a CVRD Park), but these 11 lots were never developed. The land in this area was purchased by 10 families who shared a common vision in 1977. The 11th lot was purchased “in common” by the 10 families and called “River Common.” It was to be used as a private park for the families and was enjoyed for swimming and community celebrations. In 2016 the owners of the property donated the land to the CVLT, which has in turn leased it to the CVRD as a public park. The property protects important fish habitats, riparian areas, and mature forests that contribute to the health of the greater Tsolum River ecosystem.

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If your property is ecologically significant and you want to see it protected in perpetuity, please contact us. CVLT currently protects five ecologically significant private residential properties with conservation covenants throughout the Valley.

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