Father Charles Brandt (1927 – 2020) was a well-known spiritual and environmental leader in the Comox Valley. In 2019, he chose to protect his 11-hectare property along the banks of the Oyster River with a conservation covenant held by the CVLT. With his passing, the land will eventually become a public park managed by the Comox Valley Regional District. There are currently no trails on the property.

The property includes Father Charles’ hermitage cabin that is jointly managed by a non-profit society comprised of members of his Hermitage Advisory Committee and the CVRD. The hermitage provides a home to a “contemplative individual.”

Father Charles’ beloved home will offer others a place of solitude and inspiration for years to come.

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If your property is ecologically significant and you want to see it protected in perpetuity, please contact us. CVLT currently protects five ecologically significant private residential properties with conservation covenants throughout the Valley.