The Comox Valley Conservation Partnership (CVCP) is an alliance of 26 local environmental non-profit organizations, stewardship groups and local residents’ associations. We have been working collaboratively since 2008, to address our shared environmental concerns. An important aspect of our work is at local government level, where we promote improvements to bylaws, regulations and strategic initiatives, so that important conservation concerns can be taken into account.

The CVCP is a project of the Comox Valley Land Trust. The current focus is on protecting sensitive ecosystems, wildlife corridors and drinking watersheds, as well as improving land use practices.

The CVCP’s Steering Committee members meet monthly to ensure efficient collaboration on local conservation efforts and local development proposals. Its collaborative approach makes the CVCP a provincial leader in developing effective working relationships with local governments and the development community.

The CVCP was originally formed in response to the lack of a regional conservation plan for the Comox Valley. The CVCP took the leadership role in developing the “Nature Without Borders” strategy, first published in 2008 and revised in 2013. All local governments in the Comox Valley have endorsed the strategy, with several linking Official Community Plans and other policies directly to it. An update to Nature Without Borders is currently under development.