CVLT’s Stewardship Endowment Fund (SEF) is critical to its ability to protect land in perpetuity. For each land securement project we complete, it is our firm policy to raise and invest an appropriate amount of funding into the SEF fund. The annual disbursements of the SEF fund ensure that CVLT has the sufficient operational funding to complete our legal obligations such as conducting annual compliance audits of conservation covenants and lease agreements. Annual compliance audits are the best tool a land trust has in ensuring that legal agreements in place to protect the land in perpetuity are maintained in good standing.

CVLT’s SEF is held by the Vancity Community Foundation. It was established through a visionary donation by local entrepreneur Hans Peter Meyer as a memorial to a dear friend, Pat Glazner. CVLT has grown the fund significantly since then. Donations to this fund help CVLT ensure that the lands we have protected remain intact and healthy forever.