Puntledge Forest Reservation Phase 1

These 24 hectares of mature forest are on BC Hydro’s property on the Puntledge River just below Comox Lake – sometimes locally referred to as the Bevan Trails area.

While the land is owned by BC Hydro, rights to the timber were owned by Comox Timber. The CVLT purchased this portion of their timber reservation in 2023. Comox Timber is managed by Manulife Investment Management Timber and Agriculture Inc. Manulife recognizes that the area holds significant value to the local community, and they continue to be a willing seller of the rest of the timber reservation, which is approximately 76 hectares in size. Most of the forest here is approximately 120 years old and includes many ecological communities and species at risk.

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If your property is ecologically significant and you want to see it protected in perpetuity, please contact us. CVLT currently protects five ecologically significant private residential properties with conservation covenants throughout the Valley.