Morrison Creek Headwaters


THE MORRISON CREEK HEADWATERS ARE PROTECTED The Morrison Headwaters are protected in perpetuity thanks to the remarkable generosity and vision of our partners, donors and the public. We are deeply grateful that this beautiful and important 275-hectare parcel will never be logged or developed. The journey began decades ago with volunteers

Land Securement Fund


LAND SECUREMENT FUND We are always working to be ready for the next land purchase opportunity.  Our current goal is to protect the Puntledge Forest. The Puntledge Forest In March 2023, we succeeded in protecting 24 hectares of forest along the Puntledge River. Now we are looking to protect the other

American Friends of Canadian Conservation


​American Friends of Canadian Conservation US taxpayers can support our work with a gift that is tax deductible in the US! The American Friends of Canadian Conservation partners with Canadian conservation organizations, including the Comox Valley Land Trust, and American owners of ecologically significant lands to protect Canada’s natural lands, clean water, abundant

Stewardship Endowment Fund


STEWARDSHIP ENDOWMENT FUND CVLT's Stewardship Endowment Fund (SEF) is critical to its ability to protect land in perpetuity. For each land securement project we complete, it is our firm policy to raise and invest an appropriate amount of funding into the SEF fund. The annual disbursements of the SEF fund ensure that

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