The CVCP members believe in a common goal for the preservation and conservation of natural ecosystems and work very hard to achieve that goal. The tools and resources they use to put these goals into action are as follows:

  • Education and Outreach – is an important tool for the CVCP to build awareness and connection to our natural areas through:

    • Delivering public presentations
    • Hosting workshops and forums to introduce new conservation strategies to the public
    • Connecting students and volunteers to nature through hands-on stream enhancement and restoration projects
    • Educating the public on how to become local stewards in their own watersheds
  • Partner Coordination – the CVCP and our 12-member steering committee provides the opportunity to bring stewardship groups together to:

    • Identify and address issues affecting our local watersheds
    • Steward and monitor our local sensitive ecosystems
  • Local Government and Land Use, Policy and Regulations – The CVCP and members:

    • Provide local knowledge and input into municipal Development Referral Processes
    • Participate through public consultation on upcoming and existing community plans and strategies
    • Participate on advisory groups to provide guidance/and or input on government policy, regulation and bylaw reviews
    • Develop policies and guiding documents that prioritize the conservation of sensitive ecosystems and identified habitat corridors
  • Conservation Science – the CVCP uses this science to:

    • Incorporate current research findings and innovative studies to improve our approach to conserve and plan for the future of our natural areas
    • Guide the recommendations that the CVCP endorses to help improve local government policies and regulations, land management strategies and development practices.
  • Champion for Nature – the CVCP works to gain public support for the improved efforts of the local community and government, to conserve and protect our sensitive ecosystems

All Comox Valley residents will benefit from a well planned community that protects its biodiversity and natural areas. Greenspace creates pleasant surroundings and viewscapes and offers solace in our busy lives.

  • Physical and Mental Health

    Having safe accessible urban parks and community greenspace encourages walking and cycling which leads to improved physical fitness and health and reduces obesity and other physical ailments.

    Greenspace and physical activity are also proven to be restorative to mental health.

  • A Sense of Community

    People who live near parks and greenways tend to remain in their homes longer than those who do not. This results in more stable neighbourhoods and a greater sense of community.

    The CVCP offers residents an opportunity to be involved in community planning and to help in the identification and protection of important natural areas.

  • Clean Air & Water

    Urban forests and trees improve air quality by absorption of carbon dioxide and other pollutants that can be harmful to human health. Similarly, maintenance of wetlands and riparian areas results in the filtration of storm-water before the water reaches fish-bearing streams and creeks.

    Since we all get our drinking water from a watershed, maintaining the natural function of our watersheds, assures residents have safe, clean, drinking water.

  • Recreational Opportunities

    The Comox Valley is recognized for its world-class outdoor recreational opportunities that include hiking, cycling, boating, kayaking, camping, fishing, mountaineering, skiing, wildlife viewing, and simply enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds us.

    Parks, open areas and walking paths can be among the most important and popular features in residential neighborhoods.