The Promise, Potential and Pitfalls of Site-Specific Land Regulation

Development Permit Areas for Protection of the Natural Environment (EDPAs) 

Do you work with local government as staff, a stewardship group, or as partners in protection of the natural environment? Are you an elected councilor or director? This workshop is for you!
Listen in to our conversation with experts Deborah Curran (University of Victoria, Environmental Law Centre) and Erin Gray (Arbutus Law Group LLP).

This conversation explores how Development Permit Areas for Protection of the Natural Environment (EDPAs) can provide specific standards to support our decision-makers to further prioritize and protect ecologically sensitive areas in our current climate crisis.


  • Deborah Curran is an Associate professor in the Faculty of Law and School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, and the Executive Director of the Environmental Law Clinic. However, she is better known for her work over the past 15 years on the Green Bylaws Toolkit and with community organizations across BC on creating sustainable communities by, first, protecting important ecologies and green infrastructure
  • Erin Gray is an Associate with Arbutus Law Group LLP. Her practice is focused on Aboriginal law and public interest environmental law. Her work has involved assisting citizen groups in protecting local ecosystems and working with the UVic Environmental Law Centre to engage with local governments on law reform initiatives that would create more sustainable communities

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