A walk in the woods will never be the same after watching the film, The Hidden Life of Trees (83 min).

Co-presented by World Community and the Comox Valley Land Trust at the Stan Hagen Theatre, North Island College, Courtenay on Friday November 19 at 7 pm, the film is full of lovely images, macro close-ups and time-lapse photography.

Based on forester Peter Wohlleben’s bestselling book The Hidden Life of Trees, the film follows Wohlleben through forests in Europe and BC as he contends that trees are social beings who share food through their root systems, protect each other from insects and time their blossoming for bumper years that will outstrip animals’ ability to eat all the seeds.

Wohlleben is not opposed to all logging but points out that monoculture plantations are unhealthy; clear-cutting destroys the potential of young trees and heavy machinery does irreversible damage by compacting the soil. There are alternative approaches.

Comox Valley Land Trust will share information on their work to protect local forests and promote local climate solutions.

Where & when

In-Person Viewing: Friday Nov 19, 7pm at Stan Hagen Theatre, Courtenay
Admission is by donation.  Bring your mask and your vaccine card.
Seating will be limited to 106 people to allow for distancing. Doors will open at 6:30 pm.

Online Viewing: To watch the film trailer or to purchase a ticket for an online screening anytime between November 26 and 28, go to https://watch.eventive.org/hiddenlife/play/618c1adf416e6200aacedd02