(Comox Valley; April 7, 2021) Natural climate solutions based on the conservation, restoration, and management of forests, grasslands, and wetlands can deliver up to a third of the global emissions needed by 2030. Protecting our natural areas is an important action we can take to mitigate and adapt to the consequences of climate change. The Comox Valley Land Trust (CVLT) works to protect ecologically sensitive forests and wetlands. The Trust recently launched the Comox Valley Natural Climate Solutions Fund to support local conservation projects and programs.

Carbon sequestration is key to natural climate solutions. When forests are protected and allowed to grow to maturity, they continue to sequester and store carbon for hundreds of years. Wetlands can sequester and store carbon in their biomass. The new Comox Valley Natural Climate Solutions Fund supports this work. Donations to the fund are used to buy and protect natural areas in the Comox Valley.

“Nature is an incredibly powerful ally in battling climate change,” said CVLT Executive Director Tim Ennis. “Enacting natural climate solutions and protecting the Comox Valley’s forests and wetlands contributes to reducing atmospheric CO2. It also helps our community’s ability to manage climate change impacts such as increased flooding and forest fires. I encourage you to think globally and act locally by supporting our Comox Valley Natural Climate Solutions Fund.”

Forest and wetland ecosystems also provide important wildlife and native plant habitat, which helps to reduce species extinction. CVLT protects hundreds of hectares of mature forest and wetland ecosystems, thus conserving local biodiversity and habitats. Natural areas are maintained and grow their ability to sequester carbon in perpetuity.

“Whether you’re looking to offset your personal greenhouse gas emissions generated by driving or heating your home, or if your motivation is to protect our planet, the Comox Valley Natural Climate Solutions Fund is a great option this Earth Day,” added Ennis.

CVLT board member David Stapley will lead a free webinar on natural climate solutions on Monday, April 19 beginning at 7 pm. You can register for the session at www.cvlandtrust.ca/earth-week-activities.

The Comox Valley Land Trust works to protect and conserve the ecologically significant lands and wildlife habitat of the Comox Valley region. It addresses conservation through two programs: the Land Protection program and the Comox Valley Conservation Partnership program. The CVLT’s team of dedicated volunteers and staff collaborates with the community, local governments, landowners, and other stewardship organizations in the Comox Valley region. For more information, please visit our website at cvlandtrust.ca.