November 26, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
On line event. Paid registration required (see below)
Water Stewardship Symposium: Session 2 Natural Assets as Ecological Systems and Services @ On line event.  Paid registration required (see below)

Natural assets support the delivery of corelocal government services, while doing so much more.

Two programs – MNAI, theMunicipal Natural Assets Initiative; and EAP, the Ecological Accounting Process– are facilitating the move from awareness to action that accounts forecological systems and services. What do you know about the EAP and MNAImissions? Do you wonder whether they are the same, or different?

The two initiatives are outcomes flowing from the tireless determination of twopioneers, EAP Chair Tim Pringle and MNAI Chair Emanuel Machado, to transformhow local governments view ecological systems and the services they provide.Development of both MNAI and EAP began around 2015.

Actually translating policy objectives into tangible outcomes requires thatlocal governments have a methodology and metrics for valuing ecological assetsand services in an asset management strategy.

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